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did anybody watch "lost"? we missed the first half because we were watching that 70s show (of course). what happened in the first half? and what the hell are those monster things? i hope this show isn't retarded, fo sho.
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I watched.

The first half, hmm. Well it started with Jack waking up confused and in the jungle/woods. He hears something coming towards him and looks up and it's the yellow lab (you probably saw him later) and then seems afraid and runs away. Jack finally gets up and starts walking and hears screams and starts running. He starts helping everyone he can find, one of the plane engines is still going and some guy gets sucked into it and there's a huge explosion. The pregnant lady is having contractions and he gets the fat curly haired guy to stay with her. The really dumb guy with the annoying girlfriend is trying to give the black lady CPR and mouth-to-mouth and doing it wrong and so jack comes over and scolds him (the kid says he's a lifeguard and certified, jack suggests he give his certificate back) the kid suggests they give her a tracheotomy, or whatever the thing is where you poke a hole in the neck) and jack sends him to get a pen to do it with to get him out of his hair. Jack manages to revive the lady in the meantime. They all sit around a campfire and Jack and Kate discuss plans to go to find the front half of the plane the next day. Then they hear a weird noise from the brush and the ground is shaking and everyone is scared (this is the first appearance of the whateveritis that eats people, except no one sees anything and it never approaches them outside the brush. There are a few other minor things, but that's the main stuff. If you missed the start of their journey to front half of the plane then you may have missed that Charlie (the guy from LOTR) is a bass player in some band that had a hit song a while ago and Kate kept referring to the band in the past sense and Charlie kept correcting her. And I will assume you saw after that. Hope that helps.
Oh, stuff I missed...
How Jack meets Kate. After Jack helps a ton of people he retreats to the edge of the woods and removes his shirt and inspects his wound on his back (looks like a big gash). Kate appears in the bushes looking distraught and he asks her if she ever patched up a pair of jeans and she says something about having sewn her curtains, and he hands her a sewing kit (we saw him rummage through a suitcase and take it out earlier) and hands it to her and asks her to sew him up. he has some airplane bottle of liquor in his pocket and she uses that to disinfect. She sews him up as they talk about what happened...there was an air pocket, they lost altitude fast, then the tail went and they went down. Jack blacked out supposedly. The man next to Kate has a huge piece of metal sticking out of his gut and is in a coma laying on the beach still.

There is a flashback to before the plane crashes, we see Jack talking to the flight attendent and they exchange words about how weak his drink is and she slips him a few extra bottles of liquor, this the liquor for the stitches. We also see that the black lady he revives is sitting across from them and admits to hating to fly and that her husband tries to console her, he was in the bathroom when the plane went down, so I am assuming he is dead, they never show him.

The stupid kid with the blonde girlfriend offers her a candy bar he finds and she acts like he's an ass and that she won't start eating chocolate now and he tries to argue with her and she says that people will be looking for them and she will eat on the rescue ship. When he approaches her she is painting her toenails, so it's obvious she's the princess figure.

The fat guy is handing out airline food to people on the beach at night and sees the pregnant girl he had been helping the day before and asks how she is and gives her food, then we see him come back and give her another one and she smiles.

There was a weird scene with Kate taking the shoes off a dead person before their hike into the woods (perhaps you saw this) where the one old guy looked like he was looking at her with disappointment in her stealing his shoes, but then he smiles and had an orange peel in his mouth. he also has this strategic cut on his face that makes it obvious that he is supposed to look like a clown, it is very strange.
wow, thanks! i think i'll try to watch the whole thing next week if i can. :)